Dingo Peace Boots

August 20, 2013

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Dingo Peace Boots

Western boots from Dingo stand for comfort, affordability and unique style. Talking about style, Dingo Peace boots offers something that goes beyond low heel and classy pointy toe with the square finish. With this Dingo boot the whole women’s western boots look is taken to another level. Slouchy shaft and harness strap that can be found on many other western boots is upgraded with a small peace ornament placed on the harness. Another idea for women’s western boots coming from Dingo is keeping the O ring on the inside part of the boot while the outside O ring is replaced with the peace sign ornament. The black Dingo Peace boots is decorated with the nickel peace ornament and the tan one is accessorized with the brass. Somehow, in this women’s western boot Dingo managed to join the rough, the tough and the girly. And there you have it – the traditional and the trendy all in one super cute, super stylish, adorable Dingo Peace Boots.

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