Stetson Gold Stitch Distressed Boots



Stetson Gold Stitch Distressed Boots

Updated : August 18, 2013

Adorable Stetson Gold Stitch Distressed boot is all classy women’s fashion cowboy boots are about – super stylish with traditional charm, comfortable and trendy. Compare original cowgirl styles, new designs, read reviews and shop latest boots on sale.

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Stetson Gold Stitch Distressed BootsCowgirl design is back! Stetson Gold Stitch Distressed boots are what you have been looking for. Authentic western pull on style, lovely angled heel and V shaped collar are the staple of this Stetson design’s look. Its  vintage look is achieved by using distressed leather. Amazing stitching is exactly the decoration this design needs to make the most of it. Two different leathers are use in its construction, both neutral brown shades, but it is the gold tone of the embroidery that ties up the whole look. For less distressed leather style and more of a polished cowboy boot look, check out Stetson Floral Cutout boot. If you are a fan of relaxed and modern western style that stands out with unique details -Stetson Gold Stitch has your name on it! Wear it through out the day or for an evening out with your favorite dress or skirts. Update your wardrobe with this gorgeous number from Stetson!


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Stetson Gold Stitch boots’ reviews say a lot about the boot! Gaining five stars from the reviewers proves it is a style that is worth while the investment. Comfort, quality and chic looks are what you can count on. The fit survey shows, although it is a pointy boot, that it runs a size large, is of wider width and has some arch support.

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