Lucchese Studded Scarlette Black Boots M5016



Lucchese Studded Scarlette Black Boots M5016

Updated : August 18, 2013
Among the popular cowgirl boots are Lucchese women’s studded boots. Attractive two tone leather combination and studding create a top style. Check out women’s cowboy boots and other latest ladies’ boot styles, shop western fashion boots at sale price.

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Lucchese Studded Scarlette Black Boots-M5016Firstly, Lucchese Studded Scarlette black boots M5016 look fantastic. They are also made using the best leather. The result is women’s boot that is comfortable as much as gorgeous. Everything is there – the pull on style, western heel, V shaped collar. Even the slightly upturned toe. Whether you are a cowgirl or boot fashionista – Lucchese Studded Scarlette black boots can not go unnoticed. Contrasting colors of black and white create unique style. Decorative studding plus the use of the top leather make this ladies’ Lucchese number a real treasure. Classic western boot design is accentuated with the classy overlay and inlay details. Dual pull on tabs are placed on the collar for easy on and off. Together with western heel they make Lucchese Studdeds Scarlette Black boots look 100% authentic. If you prefer less contrast but like to stay with the traditional cowboy style, Lucchese Classic boots will impress. For all of you who are not shy to show off your real western spirit, 14″ tall Lucchese studded boot with snip toe is a dream come true.


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Reviews on Lucchese Studded Scarlette Black boots are taking into consideration the luxurious leather the boots are made of. They consider timeless western style, latest fashion twist and the implementation of the most advanced boot technology. All agree the result is comfortable western boot with the wow factor.

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