UGG Collection Piera Boots



UGG Collection Piera Boots

Updated : August 17, 2013

Ugg Collection Piera boots are deluxe lace up front boot style. Check latest heeled sheepskin numbers, compare best fur lined heels, browse women’s fashion designs, select colors, styles that suit your wardrobe and personality, shop at sale prices.

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About UGG Piera Boots

UGG Collection Piera BootsUgg Collection Piera boots are not your usual Ugg style. UGG boots paired with light dress give bohemian vibe. UGG Piera Collection boots are not that kind of UGGs. This collection is about prestige sheepskin design with  extraordinary looks. Also, Piera can accompany various outfits for cool, posh chic. If you are after strong, long wearing boot with style, you have found it.  Piera stands out from fur lined heeled boots collection. It offers versatility plus comfort. Unlike classic numbers from Ugg collection which are indoor/outdoor footwear, Piera boot is made to be worn outdoors. Whether you are after warm winter boot or just soft merino one, Piera does it all! Besides, Piera allows you to modify your look. Wear it straight up fold down its shaft for cheeky style.

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UGG Collection Piera Boots

Ugg Collection Piera boots’ reviews show customers appreciate genuine sheepskin short design that can be worn folded. According reviews, cute, cozy, irresistibly hip Piera is ultimate fashion lace up style. Among best Piera’s features is that it’s comfy, soft, cute but practical and warm. Customers love snug, adjustable fit provided by laces, plus the fact you can have your feet warmed up in just moments. Piera scores as premium lace up, convertible beauty.

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