Emu Stinger Lo Boots



Emu Stinger Lo Boots

Updated : August 17, 2013

Emu Stinger Lo boots are versatile sheepskin style. Super soft, comfortable Stinger Lo is made of high quality leather. Check out latest, top women’s winter numbers, compare popular styles, discover ultimate ladies’ fashion boot, shop at sale prices.

1. Emu Stinger Lo Boots – Product Video

2. About Emu Stinger Lo Boots

Emu Stinger Lo Boots Emu Stinger Lo boots offer comfort plus unbeatable charm. Made to suit women’s needs in cooler months, Stinger Lo can be worn anywhere. No fancy decorations, just soft, fabulous leather. These same features make all Emu styles stand out and Emu Stinger Lo boots are no exception. Stylish design based on round toe, 1″ heel, 8″ shaft are Stinger Lo boots’ staple. Stinger Lo will impress you in all colors: charcoal, sand, chestnut, chocolate, mushroom. Pick between those natural shades or check out the vibrant ones. Trendy berry, cobalt or rose will add life to your outfit. Wear them with skinny jeans, winter cardigans, leggings.  Or try Emu Stinger Lo boots with lighter fabric dresses to experience the other, cooling side of natural wool.   Enjoy winter, stay warm and look stylish in hip Stinger Lo number!

3. EMU Boots Shopping

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  • Please note : If Stinger Lo Boot is not in our shopping section, it is either out of stock or no longer available.

4. Emu Stinger Lo Boot Review

Emu Stinger Lo boots’ reviews mirror everything from their lovely feel, great fit as well as trendy appearance. Majority of reviewers give Stinger Lo top marks, which doesn’t come as a surprise because of advanced features like super shaped heel cap, anatomical footbed, soft lining plus durable rubber outsole. Emu Australia Stinger Lo is fashion boot you need to look fab plus stay warm!

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