Seychelles Coy Thong Sandals

Updated : August 22, 2013
Seychelles Coy is flat thong sandals that will blow you away! Rarely you find trendy women’s flats that offer amazing style, come in range of the most gorgeous colors, especially that they are affordable and have good reviews. Check out Coy thong and pay less for Seychelles shoes.

1. Seychelles Coy Thong Sandal


Seychelles Coy Thong SandalsThong sandals are hot and Seychelles Coy is everything you expect from the summer flat sandal. With strapped leather upper, buckle closure and using the combination of funky colors, Coy is not only trendy, but also a fun piece of footwear. Easy to pair with most of your smart-casual and relaxed outfit, this Seychelles number will take a pressure of matching outfits with shoes or sandals of your back.Coy is a cool flat you’d be happy to pun on over and over again.

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  • What Others Say About Seychelles Coy Thong Sandals

Fit specialist advises Seychelles Coy Sandal runs 1/2 size large and is of accurate width.As a flat style it has minimal arch support. Customers reviewing Coy agree it has top style and that to achieve the best fit you need to go 1/2 size smaller than your actual size.

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