Alexander McQueen Heart Peep Toe Pump

Updated : August 22, 2013
Alexander McQueen Heart Peep Toe Pump is a unique style stiletto pump. black or brown colors will blow you away!Even the color sounds electrifying – electric blue! Compare prices, sizes, check for best merchant deals and shop outsanding Alexander McQueen shoes.

1. Alexander McQueen Heart  Peep Toe Pump – Video


2. Alexander McQueen Heart Peep Toe Pump

Alexander McQueen Heart Peep Toe PumpHeart Peep Toe Pump by Alexander McQueen is one of a kind. Slim line stiletto heel, hidden platform and arty shaped peep toe is fantastic combination, but not everything what this shoe is about. Electric blue patent has never been put into better use! There is no additional decoration, as elegant design and shiny leather upper make a real statement. Just over 4″ heel is balanced with 3/4″ platform, making this Alexander McQueen style easier to wear. What do you pair styles like Heart Pep Toe pump with? What ever you choose, as long as it allows the style to get the full attention and be completely visible.


3. Alexander McQueen Shoes Shopping

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4. Alexander McQueen Heart Peep Toe Pump Review

Although there are no reviews on Alexander McQueen Heart Peep Toe Pump yet, there are few indications on its comfort and fit. The shoe is made in Italy, which speaks on its own that it is made well with the attention to detail. High quality leather upper, followed by leather lining and leather sole is your best guarantee your foot can breathe in this style. Also, that the shoe is going to model to your foot like only the top leather numbers can.

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