Alexander McQueen Faithful Bootie

Updated : August 22, 2013
Alexander McQueen Faithful Bootie is the ankle boot with the X factor! With a style to remember, this is one of the top Alexander McQueen designs. Compare colors, prices and find best deals on super trendy and unique women’s shoes.

1. Alexander McQueen Faithful Bootie – Product Video

2. About Alexander McQueen Faithful Bootie

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN FAITFUL BOOTIEFaithful is the coolest option when talking Alexander McQueen Faithful Bootie. It may sound surreal that heavy use of metal studding and a zipper can create a hot and feminine style, but that is exactly what this Alexander McQueen Faithful Bootie is. The fact it is a stiletto heel number with a peep toe somehow falls behind the decoration and the overall look. Although it may for a split second seem “too busy” to use the metal decoration with the raised collar, leather fold down lapels and the circular pattern at the back – it all diminishes when you have a look at the result. To top it all up there is a skull zipper pull – but all it does, makes us like Faithful Bootie even more!

3. Alexander McQueen Shoes Shopping

Please note : If Alexander McQueen Faithful Bootie is not in our shopping section, it is either out of stock or no longer available.

4. Alexander McQueen Faithful Bootie- Review

At present there are no reviews on Alexander McQueen Faithful Bootie, but your assurance of quality is the triple leather combination: leather upper, lining and sole. It is made in Italy, which says a lot of the craftsmanship. The fact it is made of top quality leather and that the heel height is balanced with the platform promises better comfort. As well, the peep toe design always allows a little extra flexibility in the terms of size.

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