Stuart Weitzman 50/50 Boots

Updated : August 13, 2013
Amazing Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots are one of the most popular women’s over the knee styles. Compare ladies’ latest boot designs, check reviews. Find how to wear and pair a boot style to make most of it. Shop for your new boots on sale.

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2. About Stuart Weitzman 50/50 Boots

Stuart Weitzman 50/50 BootsTall boots come in a variation of styles and Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots belong to top class. Although having only 1″ heel, 5050 boot design is more than feminine. Thanking to its tall shaft and combination of soft suede and elastic panel, Stuart Weitzman 5050 boot can complement every outfit. For tall boots that have a stiletto kind of a heel, check out Stuart Weitzman Park boots. You can bet gorgeous Stuart Weitzman 50/50 number will dress you up for the day with girls as well as for a night out. Comfort and style are not only things you are getting with Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots – get ready for lots of compliments!


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4. Stuart Weitzman 50/50 Boots Review


Reviews of Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots show customers are happy with its comfort plus style! Fit survey for 50/50 boot reveals more than 80% of customers say they fit true to size, while majority say they fit true to width and have very good arch support. What is great about this 50/50 pull on boot style is extra flexibility provided by elastic panel at back, so 50/50 boot can stretch as well as accommodate from thinner to thicker calves. With the elastic backing, these fit beautifully. Some ladies like more suede option, which makes the contrast between leather and elastic much less evident. Once again, Stuart Weitzman delivers an amazing product!

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