Old Gringo Checruda Boot

August 18, 2013

1. Old Gringo Checruda Boot – Product Video

2. Old Gringo Checruda Boot

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Out of all Old Gringo cowboy boots for women, this one brings out the sunshine. Old Gringo Checruda boot is a mix of something “old” (distressed leather) something new (new western boot fashion) and something blue (gorgeous blue doves and part of the flower petals). It could easily become something borrowed too, if your sister is like mine and has the same shoe size. Not many cowboy boots for women have the sense of playfulness. This women’s cowboy boot shows off, in a good way, your intention of newer growing up and keeping that cheerful, optimistic childlike sweetness. The combination of yellow, red and blue color embroidery looks absolutely charming on brown leather. You would think lively flowers and the word “Love” could only be found printed or sawn on clothes, not on ladies cowboy boots. That makes Old Gringo Checruda boot even more fascinating. What you get when you join traditional cowboy boot and a Hippy-Chic style? You get Old Gringo Checruda boot, gorgeous looking cowboy boot for women.

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