KORS Michael Kors Jacy Bootie



KORS Michael Kors Jacy Bootie

Updated : August 12, 2013

KORS Michael Kors Jacy bootie is an open toe fashion number. High heel makes Jacy super feminine style. Check out latest women’s ankle boots designs, compare quality leather short styles, read reviews, shop your favorite trendy boot at sale prices.

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1. Michael Kors Jacy Bootie – Product Video

2. About Michael Kors Jacy Bootie

KORS Michael Kors JacyKORS Michael Kors Jacy bootie is adorable women’s short number. Jacy combines best ankle boots features, adding an exceptional detail – peep toe. Elegant heel plus funky buckle accents finish of trendy Jacy ‘s look in style. Although Jacy may appear a little too high it is fine. Platform of 1/4″ combined with stiletto heel makes Jacy women’s bootie more street – office – party ready! What makes Jacy out of ordinary is the combination of leather suede, asymmetrical shaft, also three straps along buckles. Beside these lovely additions that accessorize it beautifully, Jacy fashion bootie has wrapped heel, which together with open toe completes this boot to perfection! If you’d like to skip peep toe and trade high heel for simpler classy design, check out Frye Harlow Campus bootie. Enjoy your day or evening do wearing sassy Jacy! Wear Jacy with dress, skirt or pants -charm everyone wearing your new fashion bootie!

3. Michael Kors Boots Shopping

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4. Michael Kors Jacy Bootie Review


KORS Michael Kors Jacy bootie reviews prove that trendy style can go along side comfort. Peep toe makes Jacy more flexible in terms of fitting – you always have that little extra room. As much open toe adds to style that much it allows additional movement, plus giving your foot chance to breath more. Jacy has everything you need to look gorgeous and feel good impressing everyone around you. If you want more luxury in terms of comfort get one of comfort enhancing accessories.

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