Old Gringo Gayla Overlay Boots

Updated : August 13, 2013
With Old Gringo Gayla Overlay boots you get top fashion cowboy design. Explore embroidered women’s boots. Check out new western cowgirl pull on overlay styles in black, blue, chocolate brown and more. Read reviews, shop your favorite boot at best prices on sale.

1. Old Gringo Gayla Overlay Boot – Product Video

2. About Old Gringo Gayla Overlay Boots

Old Gringo Gayla OverlayStylish Old Gringo Gayla Overlay boots gave embroidered style a new look. Quality vintage leather is what Gayla Overlay boot uses to impress. Without the right contrast between soft leather and embroidered floral overlay, Old Gringo Gayla would not be the same women’s western number. Traditional cowboy charm combined with top fashion colors like chocolate or blue, equip Gayla Overlay mid calf vintage boot with tons of style. If you rather wear zip up design, check out Old Gringo Gaylarazz. Boot similar to Gayla Overlay in many features except the collar shape. Old Gringo Gayla Overlay skipped the traditional V shaped collar and swapped it with slightly scalloped one, creating completely new ladies’ fashion design.


3. Old Gringo Boots Shopping

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4. Old Gringo Gayla Overlay Boot Review

Old Gringo Gayla Overlay Boot Review

Gayla Overlay boots reviews show Old Gringo is the western boot manufacturer on which workmanship and leather quality you can count on. Comfort, fit and style all deserve top marks. If you like more cushioning you may want to slide into Gayla Overlay an extra insert. As for the fit, although Gayla Overlay fits true to size and width, knowing your feet helps. If your feet are on wider side going up 1/2 size up will provide more room in Gayla Overlay’s oval toe box.

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