Frye Melissa Button Boot

August 22, 2013

Frye Melissa button boot is one of the women’s favorite styles in Melissa Button boots range . Tall or short, these Frye Melissa  button boots are gorgeous. Compare Melissa boots with Frye riding styles like Paige, Dorado, Carson and find if any of them is on sale now.

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2. Frye Melissa Button Boot

Frye Melissa Button Boot

Frye Melissa button boot is one of top Frye riding boots for women. Before you make your selection, to be sure you  make the right choice we recommend comparing Melissa button boot style with the collection of other Frye women’s riding boots. Check our women’s Frye boots shopping section and find out which ones of offered Frye Melissa button boot styles are discounted or on sale right now. Among the most popular ones are Frye Melissa boots button in black vintage , but colors like fawn or cognac seem to also be getting a lot of attention. We suggest you go for the color that suits best your wardrobe. Crafted from super soft leather this fabulous Frye Melissa Button boot has stacked 1”heel plus it is a style you can wear with anything over and over again. If you want tall, luxurious, riding inspired button boot, Frye Melissa is the one. This pull on Frye design has nicely shaped collar as well as each tab bears a small detail in a form of a button, which is all it needs in terms of decoration. Frye Melissa button boot is made in a large selection of gorgeous colors. Women who have purchased this boot are very pleased with their choice, which is shown in their reviews.

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4. Frye Melissa Button Boot Review

Reviews of Frye Melissa Button  boot show that 90% of customers gave this Frye boot highest scores. Melissa Button boot received top 5 stars from 85% of all customers and 5% gave it 4 stars. None of the customers rated it 1 or 2 stars.

Frye Melissa Button Boot Review


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