Frye Jane Stitching Horse Boot

Updated : August 17, 2013

Frye Jane Stitching Horse boot, together with Jane Strappy and Jane Tall Cuff, one of top Frye pull on boots, can occasionally be found discounted or on sale. For women’s trendy leather boots’ prices check our merchants and shop with confidence.

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2. Frye Jane Stitching Horse Boot

  • Women’s Boots With Artfully Stitched Details

Frye Jane Stitching Horse Boot

Looking at Frye Jane Stitching Horse, you immediately recognize the Frye Jane boots’ style. But what makes this rich leather boot unique is the stitching and the overlay details giving it that unique, classic western style. Jane Stitching Horse is a traditional pull on boot with the tabs hidden inside the boot. It comes in few shades. You  can pick between a neutral, dark or funky – taupe, dark brown or cognac. This full style Jane boot is priced approximately $350.

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