Frye Carson Pull On Boot

August 21, 2013


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2. Frye Carson Pull On Boot

  • Women’s Favorite Pull On Boot

Frye Carson Pull On Boot

Frye Carson Pull On boot is my new absolute favorite piece of footwear! Adding the right amount of class and relaxed note to my outfits, Frye Carson Pull On boot in Saddle is easy to pair up with anything. This boot can be worn without having a second thought  when choosing an outfit. Gorgeous Pull On boot from Carson made me experiment more in creating different outfits with confidence.  I even got to wear couple of dresses that were at the far end of my wardrobe, they just looked so new and fresh when paired with Frye Carson Pull On boot. I am having so much fun matching my Pull On boot with my clothes , everyone noticed ! Even managed to wear my fabric rich skirt that was a gift from my dear Auntie, couple of dresses that have been hanging forgotten in my closet for- hmmm…. some time.

I am so pleased with my new boots – they give my outfits the new attitude and can easily be counted as 3/4 of an outfit!  I am in love with the color – it is  so easy to match with anything! About the Carson Pull On boot comfort – I managed to dance the night away and even put up a small show for our happy crowd last weekend – enough said. These fabulously made, soft boots were excellent choice! I knew the moment they arrived when I paraded wearing them at home – I got myself a  new ‘best boot friend’. I love my Frye Pull On boot!

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