Frye Carmen Short Back Lace Boot



Frye Carmen Short Back Lace Boot

August 22, 2013

1. Women’s Frye Carmen Short Boot


Frye surely knows how to impress with the style! Frye Carmen short boot is designed to be worn in the city and on the weekends and in both cases provides the maximum style while not cutting on comfort. With the cutest detail at the back of the boot, Carmen shortie has what it needs to be paired with the most of the things from your wardrobe. How does it look on? Expect a compliment after compliment! Not only everyone will notice your great style, you’ll love wearing Carmen shortie!

2. Frye Boots Shopping

Short boots are hot this season and with Carmen Back Lace shortie Frye is introducing another stylish design. If you are tossing between the flat ankle boot or the one with a heel, Carmen shortie will meet you half way. With the heel of 2.5″ this Frye boot has the advantage of a heel, while still giving you the opportunity of walking around for hours without any discomfort in your feet.

How ever it may seem unusual, the back lace feature creates a new and dynamic look. The fact the lacing is on a short boot  makes it more exciting, as you can’t find many short boot styles that can impress you all the way – from the front to back! Even if you put together quite a simple ensemble, wearing Carmen back lace ankle boot the outcome is different than if you were wearing a simple ankle bootie.

Talking about all Frye Carmen boots it would not be fair to skip the variety. Tall, funky and gorgeous, Frye Carmen Harness Tall is a style that can find a place in any wardrobe. Harness boot style is very popular nowadays, as it balances fun with traditional boot style, bringing a new way of expressing and mixing kind of a manly style with a feminine boot. Harness ankle boot, Carmen Harness Short has everything as its taller sister, except the shaft inches. The same concentrated charm can be found in Frye Carmen Short Back Lace Boot.

3. Short Video About Frye Carmen Short Back Lace Boot

Frye Carmen Short  Boot Chic

There is something about the back lacing that makes your heart race faster. Back lace is the design that hasn’t been exploited much in the world of fashion boots. But isn’t that what women want? Truly, women love to have something no one else has, and  to own a piece of footwear that hasn’t been seen around or worn much has always been something women long for. Frye Carmen Short boot gives you a chance to have a gorgeous piece of footwear that is not going to lay forgotten in your closet, but which will be worn over and over again.

Frye Carmen Short Back Lace Boot

Description – Measurements – Colors – Sizes


  •  7.5″ shaft ankle boot
  • High quality leather 
  • Leather lining
  • Leather outsole
  • 7.5″ Shaft height 
  • 13″ Circumference
  • 2.5″ Heel
Colors and Sizes:


  • Dark Brown
  • Dark Fawn
  • Comes in full or half siz

4. Frye Carmen Short Back Lace Boot ReviewFrye Carmen Short Back Lace Boot Review

Materials and Fit:
  • Premium leather upper
  • Durable leather outsole
  • Fit specialists advise it fits true to size
  • According customers reviews it fits true to size and width

5. Frye Carson Short Boot

  •  Similar Style To Frye Carmen Short Back Lace Boot


If you like the idea of a pull on short boot, Frye Carson shortie deserves the attention. Similarities that share Frye Carson and  Frye Carmen Short Back Lace boot go a bit further than a quality of the leather and a timeless style. Measurements of the shaft and the heel height are pretty close as well.  Both boots feature the same urban twist on the western boot style, Carmen Short just having the back lace detail. Classy yet relaxed, any of these Frye booties is a great choice for an ankle boot lover.


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