Frye Campus Stitching Horse Boot



Frye Campus Stitching Horse Boot

Updated : October 23, 2013

1. Frye Campus Stitching Horse Boot

Frye Campus Stitching Horse Boot

This 14.5″ shaft boot with a block 2″ heel is a real asset! It can be worn with dresses and skirts and give them the complete new look. Frye Campus Stitching Horse is the classic Frye boot with a specific detail, that gives it a contemporary look. What makes this Frye boot unique is the stitching. Think hobo-chic. Visible more on the boots that are darker in color, the stitching is perfect for the Campus boot style – not to western, not too discrete. It comes in three shades. A versatile boot to wear tucked into skinny jeans, leggings and with dresses.

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3. Frye Campus Stitching Horse Boot Review

  • What Others Say About Frye Campus Stitching Horse Boot

They are sturdy and beautiful. The stitching is interesting without being toowestern. The best part  is they are incredibly comfortable.They fit great and were comfortable after one day already starting to break in. love this style. Really nice detail on the boot shaft. They are the perfect boot – not too low or high of a heel. Frye Campus Stitching Horse boots look great with jeans or skirts. And, they should last about 15-20 years or even more. This boot is very straight through the ankle creating a silhouette with an elongated illusion. It creates the illusion of having a straight line from your knee through the ankle, which is very flattering. Straight shaft, just as pictured. Careful though, they are extremely slippery when you first put them on! The stitching is just enough detail to be stylish. Customers love the classic banana color. Most think gals with a calve circumference of 16in or more will have no luck with this boot.



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