Frye Campus Lug Lace Boot



Frye Campus Lug Lace Boot

Updated : October 27, 2013
Find if Frye Campus Lug Lace boot’s modern style matches your taste. Compare Lug Lace’s hot looks as well as unique features to other top women’s Frye designs, browse similar lace up ladies ‘numbers, find plus shop the best fashion boots selection at reputable merchants.

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2. About Frye Campus Lug Lace Boot

Frye Campus Lug Lace Boot

With amazingly designed toe box, beauty of the total design it is hard to resist Frye Campus Lug Lace boot. This Campus lug lace number is made of oiled suede which gives it great finish and a long life. Lace detail dominates the tall  shaft along with creates dynamic, fun as well as gives this Campus Lug style a special kind of cool. Stacked heel is finished up with the rubber. Featuring  rubber lug outsole, Campus Lug Lace boot is your safest outdoor friend. The full length inside zip helps with on / off. It comes in few gorgeous colors and Lug lace boot is priced around $360.




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4. Frye Campus Lug Lace Boot Review

Frye Campus Lug Lace boot make any outfit look better and broke in very quickly. Great for ladies with larger calves – they fit 17 inch calves with room to spare(and you can also use a thicker sock with them). Leather is perfectly made; you can walk in Lug Lace for miles without any problems. Lug lace from Frye fit true to size,true to width 60% customers say that have moderate arch support. Customers say these boots are amazing. The tread is great, the leather is sexy and awesome, and they are comfortable enough to wear all day long. The soles are cushiony.They go with pretty much any outfit. They get more comfortable with each wear.


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